Labour market and wages 1988-2018
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More detailed statistics on wages and income can be found at the following URL:
More detailed statistics on labour market can be found at the following URL:
Value for wage index in March 2008 was corrected 13th of December 2018
Wage index
December 1988=100. Refers to average wages each month.
Real wages, index
Index 2000=100. Refers to the change in the wage index deflated by the CPI converted to mid-month figures.
Labour force participation, %
The total labour force (employed and unemployed) as a proportion of the total population 16-74 years of age. The figures show results from the labour force sample survey (LFS) of Statistics Iceland. From 2003 onwards, the LFS is continuous and renders monthly. In the period 1991-2002 the LFS was carried out twice each year, in April and in November.
Unemployment, %
The number of unemployed as a proportion of the labour force.
Number of employed persons
Total number of persons engaged in any kind of work for payment, including self-employed.