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Overview of Gross Domestic Product and Gross National Income 1945-2023

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The reference year is now 2015. From 1990 onward volume changes are now based on annual chain linking. Prior to that volume changes were based on fixed base years. The base year was 1980 for the period 1977-1990.
Due to chain linking the sum of the total individual chain-linked components is not always equal to the same aggregate value. A new National accounts standard (ESA2010) was implemented in September 2014 and the time series now extends back to 1995
Gross national income (GNI) equals GDP plus net primary income from rest of the world and changes in terms of trade towards abroad. With the implementation of the new standards ESA2010 in September 2014 the time series was revised back to 1997, causing a structural break in the time series between 1996 and 1997. As of May 2019 time series have been revised back to the year 1995, causing a structural break in series between 1994 and 1995.
Gross national income and primary incomes receivable from the rest of the world will be updated 7th of March 2024.



Preliminary data


Preliminary data


Gross national income, index


Gross domestic product, index


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Population 1st of July.

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