The value of exports and imports by month (FOB/CIF) 2011-2022
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Part of the value of exported marine products in March 2022 (almost ISK 9 billion) is to be included in the export of marine products in the years 2020 and 2021. The table will be corrected in the next publication at the end of the month.
The most recent month is based on information on trade in goods as they are available at the beginning of the month. The table is updated at the end of the month after the review.
Table shows export fob and import cif (see news about trade in goods in January 2021 from 4th February 2021)
This table is an update on and older table - The value of exports and imports by month. Previously the table showed Fob value imports. This table shows CIF value imports.
Fob (Free on board) value means the price for the item when it is on board whatever means of transport in the country of export.
CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight) value means the Fob value plus costs induced until the item is unloaded in the country of import. This chiefly involves freight rates and insurance costs.please note that the breakdown under fuel have been updated
Preliminary numbers updated at the end of month