Population by family status, legal marital status, sex and age 31 Dec. 2011
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Family status
The family nucleus is defined in the narrow sense, that is as two or more persons who belong to the same household and who are related as married persons, as partners in a consensual union, or as parent and child. Thus a family comprises a couple without children, or a couple with one or more children, or a lone parent with one or more children. This family concept limits relationships between children and adults to direct (first-degree) relationships, that is between parents and children.
Child (son/daughter) refers to a blood, step- or adopted son or daughter (regardless of age or marital status) who has usual residence in the household of at least one of the parents, and who has no partner or own children in the same household. Foster children are not included. A son or daughter who lives with a spouse, with a partner in a consensual union, or with one or more own children, is not considered to be a child. A child who alternates between two households (for instance if his or her parents are divorced) is considered to belong to the household of his/her legal registered guardian.
The term couple shall include married couples, couples in registered partnerships, and couples who live in a consensual union.
Two persons are considered to be partners in a 'consensual union' when they
— belong to the same household, and
— have a marriage-like relationship with each other, and
— are not married with each other.
'Skip-generation households' (households consisting of a grandparent or grandparents and one or more grandchildren, but no parent of those grandchildren) are not included in the definition of a family.
Legal marital status
Marital status is the (legal) conjugal status of an individual in relation to the marriage laws of Iceland (de jure status). A person is classified according to his/her most recently acquired legal marital status at the reference date.
Married partners that are 'legally separated' are classified under 'married'.
Registered partnerships for same sex couples were provided for until 19 July 2010 when this was assimilated under the single concept of marriage of two persons. Even if the label of the relationship was not automatically changed from registered partnership to marriage, the legal distinction no longer applies. Persons who may not have formally changed there status from ' in registered partnership' to 'married' are thus counted as 'married'.