Private households by outpu areas, type ant tenure status of household 31 Dec. 2011
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Private households
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Statistics Iceland


Statistical output areas
Division of the population into 42 output areas covering the entire country, with approx. 7,500 persons per area. The population count varies between 4,000 and 14,000 inhabitants.
Type of private household
Private households are defined according to the 'household-dwelling' concept. The household-dwelling concept considers all persons living in a housing unit to be members of the same household, such that there is one household per occupied housing unit.
Tenure status of households
The topic 'Tenure status of households' refers to the arrangements under which a private household occupies all or part of a housing unit.
Households that are in the process of paying off a mortgage on the housing unit in which they live or purchasing their housing unit over time under other financial arrangementsare classified under 'Households of which at least one member is the owner of the housing unit'.
Households of which at least one member is the owner of the housing unit and at least one member tenant of all or part of the housing unit are classified under category 'Households of which at least one member is the owner of the housing unit'.