Employed persons by output areas, status in employment and sex 31 Dec. 2011
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Statistics Iceland


Statistical output areas
Division of the population into 42 output areas covering the entire country, with approx. 7,500 persons per area. The population count varies between 4,000 and 14,000 inhabitants.
Status in employment
An 'employee' is a person who works in a 'paid employment' job, that is a job where the explicit or implicit contract of employment gives the incumbent a basic remuneration, which is independent of the revenue of the unit for which he/she works.
An 'employer' is a person who, working on his or her own account or with a small number of partners, holds a 'self-employment' job and, in this capacity, on a continuous basis (including the reference period) has engaged one or more persons to work for him/her as 'employees'.
If a person is both employer and employee, he/she is allocated to only one group according to the income received.
An 'own-account worker' is a person who, working on his/her own account or with one or a few partners, holds a 'self-employment job' and has not engaged, on a continuous basis, any 'employees'.
A 'contributing family worker' is a person who
— holds a 'self-employment’ job in a market-oriented establishment operated by a related person, living in the same household, and
— cannot be regarded as a partner (that is an employer or own-account worker) because the degree of commitment to the operation of the establishment is not at a level comparable to that of the head of the establishment.
The allocation of a person within the breakdowns of the topics 'Occupation', 'Industry' and 'Status in employment' is based on the same job.