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Actual working hours in main and second job by economic activity, sex and region 1991-2023

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Average actual working hours
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Time series from the Icelandic Labour Force Survey from 2003 were updated on March 10th 2021 using new weights and a new estimate for the population. The number of people employed in each sector is the sum of people who have either a main or a second job within the sector. This means that there is some double counting as individuals sometimes hold two jobs in different sectors. Individuals holding two jobs in the same sector are only counted once. The proportion employed in each sector is calculated on the basis of the total number of employed people rather than the sum of people employed in each sector. Employed. Persons are classified as working if they worked one hour or more in the reference week or were absent from the work they usually carry out. Individuals on birth leave are considered absent from work if they went on leave from a paid job, even if they have no intentions of returning to the same job. Economic activity. The economic activity of the firms for which people work or were last working for is classified in accordance with the Icelandic classification of economic activity, ÍSAT 2008, which is built on the EU classification of economic activity, NACE REV 2. Regions. The capital region consists of Reykjavík, Seltjarnarnes, Kópavogur, Hafnarfjörður, Garðarbær, Mosfellsbær, Álftanes and Kjósahreppur other are considered to be other regions.Dissemination of statistics on the tourism industry has until now followed Eurostat definition. However, specific industries in Iceland that make most of their income from the travel industry fall outside Eurostat definition. To reflect accurately the development of the tourism industry in Iceland, Statistic Iceland will from now on also include the economic activities 55.23.0 – Service activities shipping by air and 96.04.0 – Physical well-being activities.