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Number of employers by size 2008-

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Sigrún Halldórsdóttir
Based on PAYE data
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Employers are classified by economic activity according to ÍSAT2008. Numbers can change retrospectively because of revised classification of companies. Numbers can also change if employers send information late. For more information, please refer to the metadata


Tourism industries in Iceland (NACE no. 491, 4932, 4939, 501, 503, 511, 5223, 551-553, 561, 563, 771, 7721, 79, 9604)

Previously, statistics on tourism industries were based on Eurostat's definition of tourism. Now, two activities been added to provide statistics that better reflect the tourism industries in Iceland:
H5223: Service activities incidental to air transportation
S9604: Physical well-being activities, including geothermal spas (The classification of spas and geothermal baths was harmonised in the beginning of 2021. Now these activities are classified in 9604.)

Month: 2022M01

All figures are preliminary estimates. The most recent figures are most likely to change in later publications. Often, there is a slight increase due to late reporting. For more information, please refer to section 4.3 in the metadata.