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Distribution of total income by sex and age 1990-2022

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Income - tax returns is statistics based on individuals tax returns. Everyone is tax reliable from the age of 16 in Iceland.
Population - the outcome is based on taxpayers who are taxable in Iceland excluding the following:
Taxpayers who have their tax returns hand calculated.
Taxpayers who have their tax returns estimated on relevant income year or the year before.
Taxpayers who died on the income year or those who only lived in Iceland partially on the income year, have tax liability in Iceland, have income in Iceland but do not live in Iceland and also if a change has been in their marital status to be mentioned or other changes in their status which calls for special treatment in their tax return. An individual who has lived abroad for more than 30 days is concidered living abroad.
Total income is the total of income from work, capital income and other income.
Income from work is wage income and other work related income such as car benefits, daily allowance and other benefits, calculated remuneration and income from abroad, other than capital income is calculated as income from work.
Capital income is income from interests, devidend, profit from sales and rental income excluding business. Income from work related business is also included in capital income.
Other income are payments from pension funds, payments from The Social Insurance Administration and other compensations such as unemployment benefits and interest- and child support reliefs. Interest- and child support reliefs are calculated on cash base, on the year they are paid i.e. the year before the income year. Research benefits, scholarships, lottery winnings and some other incomes is also included in other income
Distribution of income is published both for total income and income from work. Tax payers are ranked according to income in 10 equally large groups, from those who have the lowest income to the highest one. Deciles show the rate of tax payers who have lower or equal income than the given amount. Along with deciles there are also shown 95% and 99% percentiles. When referring to distribution of income, only those who have income from the relevant source, are included, others have been excluded.


Mean - conditional

Mean for tax payers with some total annual income

Number - conditional

Total number of tax payers with some total annual income