Register based employment of persons with legal residence in Iceland by month, sex, age, origin and region 2005-2022
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Register-based employment is a count of individuals from monthly pay as you earn (PAYE) - and population data. Pay as you earn data is obtained from the Commissioner of the Inland Revenue settlement of cash payment of wages and/or calculated remuneration. The population consists of all individuals in monthly tax documents. Employed individuals are those who had taxable income which corresponds to one hour per week. Included are those who were absent from work due to maternity or paternity leave and returned calculated remuneration in the reference period. Statistics about register-based labour force are temporary figures which can change over time as the quality of the raw data is better for later years. Quarterly and annual figures are averages of monthly values. As of 2022, figures of register-based employment will be updated with more timeliness than before (+1 month). With more timeliness, figures for December, May and June could be overestimated the first time they are published. This is due to the fact that individuals that receive vacation pay and Christmas bonus cannot be filtered out until 2 months after Statistic Iceland receives the data. Overestimates for these particular months will have been corrected in the next update (+2 months).